A is for Adulthood

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Episode 81 -An Immigrant’s Tale

A young latino man is brought to the United States by his parents at the age of 2. 

For this man the U.S. has been the only home he knows and loves. He pays his taxes, works hard and considers himself American, and yet 28 years later he is still fighting to be recognized as a legal citizen. This week we look into the complex and heartbreaking side of immigration that is rarely heard.

Episode 80 - Reformed Racist

So often we wonder if people can really change. I always want to say yes, and this time I have proof. Scott Shepherd is a prime example. Scott once was a racist, a former Grand Dragon in the KKK to be exact. Today Scott is a reformed racist and activist, and this is his story out of hate and racism. 


Episode 79 - Ex Mormon, Lynn Wilder

How many of us are willing to make a drastic change in our belief system? How many would be willing to do it twice? Join us as we speak to Lynn Wilder to discuss her time with the LDS church, why she entered, why she left and -true to GAK form- a whole lot in between!


Episode 78 - Carabiner Coffee

Erik Gordon is the owner and operate of Carabiner Coffee. He drives across the country in his VW van making and selling coffee. We wanted to understand how this venture came to be and asked Erik if he would talk with us. Here is our discussion. 


Episode 77 - Behind Bars with Derrick

This week with chat with Derrick Scott about his difficult youth growing up on the streets, and how it landed him behind bars. Now that he is on the other side of the bars, Derrick is a father, an actor and a wonderful young man. But the journey to his current self, wasn't all that easy. This is Derrick's story...


Episode 76 - Deconstructing Diana

1 in 5 adults experience mental illness in a given year. This means that there is a good chance that you or someone you know will battle depression, anxiety, etc. in your life time. However, due to the invisible nature of these illnesses, it's not easy to recognize when someone is battling a mental illness. It's a common response to think that someone who is mentally ill is careless, heartless, self involved or wild. So often we see the behaviors, but not the illness. We rarely consider that a mental illness may be at play. 

In an effort to shine some light on mental illness, Scheereen and I speak this week with Diana Noble, a woman who has suffered from Bipolar disorder for most of her life. Mental illness devastates both the sufferer and their loved ones. So often people suffer alone due to a lack of education and understanding. This conversation is our attempt to further our understanding of mental illnesses. This is Diana's journey...

Episode 75 - Tommy Edison

Tommy Edison has been blind since birth. His experience in the world has been different from those that are sighted from day one. Tommy started a video series that allows us to look (no pun intended) into his life. It's called "The Tommy Edison Experience" and it can be viewed on Youtube and Amazon. But we wanted more. So in this episode Tommy allows us to ask him about his life and what it's like to be blind. We learned a lot, and laughed a whole lot more!

Episode 74- Glynn Washington

Glynn Washington is a storyteller, but once he was a believer, a believer of things he no longer believes in.

In today's episode, Glynn tells of how he grew out of believing... in a cult. These days Glynn curates and tells stories along with fellow producer Mark Ristich. Mark and Glynn along with a small army of snappers, produce the hit NPR show: Snap Judgment , from their headquarters in downtown Oakland. Enjoy!

Episode 73 - Ridiculous News

Jeanette reads some ridiculous Headlines and Stories. 


Episode 72 - Happy Holidays…

Scheereen and Jeanette are back to talk about nonsense with a Holiday slant.