A is for Adulthood

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Episode 91 - M is for Multiple Sclerosis

Together we learn about MS with Kristen King and Don Fraser. Kristen King is an actress and musician suffering from the disease who wrote a song about her journey. Don is the founder of Bike the US for MS, and the son of a woman who battled MS. Join me as we gain two perspectives on MS. 


Episode 90 - N is for National Parks

For the third week in a row we explore the letter N , this time with a focus on National parks. Join me this week as we learn about the National Park Service and all things related. 


Episode 89 - N is for Normal (part 2)

Our exploration of the concept of normalcy continues. In this episode I chat with a minister who is doing something normal in a very abnormal way. Or is it perhaps the other way around? Tune in to find out. 


Episode 88 - N is for Normal (part 1)

Today's episode is brought to us by the letter N, as in NORMAL. What does it mean to be normal? Are you normal? Join me as I explore the topic of Normalcy and learn the story of Cea Person (author of "North of Norma"l and "Almost Normal") and the strange upbrining that had her craving to be normal almost all her life. 


Episode 87 - T is for Transformation

Today's episode is brought to us by the Letter T and the word Transformation. We explore the transofrmative life experiences of a journalist, chef and former gang member. Our main guest today is Eduardo Garcia who shares with us the near death experience that transformed him physically and revealed parts of him mentally and emotionally. You can learn more about his experience by watching his Documentary: Charged . 


Episode 86 - A is for Adulthood

Exploring what it means to be an adult through story, conversation and sharing.